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Parenting Services for Families
and After Adoption
Enhancing attachment, empathy, and communication
between parents and children since 1975
Welcome to the Parenting Services for Families and After Adoption home page.

PARENTING SERVICES FOR FAMILIES serves families who have infants and young children and who are interested in learning more about attachment and early emotional development and parenting strategies during their children's earliest years.

Our programs increase parents’ understanding of children’s emotional development. The growth of empathy and communication leads parents to have age-appropriate expectations of children and to healthy self-regulation in children.

Parent-Child Groups.These educational groups enable parents with infants and toddlers to increase their understanding of early emotional development, enhancing their relationship. Group participation is an enjoyable learning experience for all, and it increases self-esteem, confidence, emotional regulation, and positive behavior in the children as they grow.

Counseling Services include consultation, counseling, and therapy for parents.

Parent Coaching (developmental guidance).

After Adoption programs are designed to be beneficial to all adoptive families: infant and domestic (private or agency) as well as international placements. Along with common topics and concerns of adoptive parents, attachment between parent and child is an important focus.

Elaine Frank, MSW * Denise Rowe, BA