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After Adoption
Enhancing attachment, empathy, and communication
between parents and children since 1975
Programs for adoptive families were added to Parenting Services for Families in 1986 and were named After Adoption. They are beneficial to all adoptive families: infant and domestic as well as international placements.

We especially recommend Parent-Child groups for families with newly placed children who have lived in orphanages or foster care setting. The focus is on the adjustment of parents and children to one another, offering parenting techniques and answers to adoption questions while exploring the joys and trials of family life. If your child had a "past life" before you met, we explore the effects of the past on current behavior and adaptation. You attend WITH your child.

Discussion in each group includes adoption issues and integrating cognitive and emotional understanding of adoption as children grow. The goal at After Adoption is to enhance family relationships by promoting attachment and increasing parents’ understanding of their child's development and of how adoption fits into overall family life.

Our booklet “Becoming a Family, Building Relationships, Belonging: The Attachment Process in Children Adopted After the Age of Five Months” is available on request.
Parent-Infant-Toddler Groups for Adoptive Families,
Children to Age 4
Enhance your parenting skills while learning about—
  • Variations in attachment and adjustment in adoptive families
  • How emotional development can be different in children adopted after 4 months
  • Child behavior: bedtime, security objects, sharing, tantrums, breaking limits: communicating wishes, and emotions
  • Talking about feelings: building trust and teaching empathy
  • Developing an adoption dialogue that relates to your child’s age and the uniqueness of your family
  • Child behavior: bedtime, security objects, sharing, tantrums

Contact us to ask questions, to find out dates and times, and to register.
Elaine Frank, MSW * Denise Rowe, BA