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Parenting Services for Families
Parent-Infant-Toddler Groups
Infant to 3 years
Providing an emotionally secure environment for your baby,
to cultivate healthy self-regulation.

What your child needs you to understand about development.

Empathy leads parents to have more age-appropriate expectations of young children’s behavior.

A place for parents to talk and reflect on their questions about the early years.

Children experience playing and growing together.

Enhance your parenting skills while learning about—
  • The evolution of baby-child-parent attachment in the early years
  • Separation and fears
  • Feelings, anger and aggression
  • Play, fantasy and imagination
  • Behavior as communication in early childhood, limit setting
  • Child behavior: bedtime, security objects, sharing, tantrums

Contact us to ask questions, to find out dates and times, and to register.
Elaine Frank, MSW * Denise Rowe, BA