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Parenting Services for Families
Enhancing attachment, empathy, and communication
between parents and children since 1975
Sample Workshops for Parent Groups
  • Talking with Your Child From Day 1: How Communication Helps Build Relationships
  • The Terrific, Tumultuous Two's: Living with Your Toddler
  • Limit Setting and the Development of Self-Esteem
  • Aggression in Our Children: Coping with it Effectively
  • Attachment and Separation: Understanding Early Childhood
  • The "Over-Programmed" Child: What Your Child DOES NOT Need to Be Happy
  • How Children Learn (Newborn to 8 Years)
  • Explore the Myths, Facts, and Fantasies of Adoption: Preparing to Tell the Story
  • Adoption Talk: Developing a Dialogue with your School-age Child
  • Building Relationships with Children Adopted Later, from Foster Care or Other Countries
  • For Parents about to Travel to Adopt: Attachment and Separation: Nurturing Relationships
  • As We Grow: New Phases, New Questions

We can tailor our training to meet your needs.

Contact us for detailed information, fees, and scheduling: Our hourly fee varies according to the type of agency, its funding sources, and the audience addressed.

Elaine Frank, MSW * Denise Rowe, BA